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Use Chatio to build & automate conversational chatbots on your website. AI Customer Support Tailored to your business.

✔️No code needed
✔️Offer support 24/7 and in any language
✔️Implement in 5 minutes

Trusted by small businesses around the world

Give great Customer service on your website.

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Help your customers 24/7

Don't keep your users waiting until you're back online. Instead, use Chatio to provide instant answers to their questions.

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Significantly cut down on your support inquiries.

Chatio employs advanced AI technology to provide secure, precise responses, addressing customer inquiries and immediately decreasing your ticket count.

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Personalized answers

66% of consumers say they will quit a brand if their experience isn’t personalized. Chatio allows you to provide personalised answers.

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Boost your productivity

Automate responses to recurring questions, freeing you to tackle more complex issues.

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Use your website content

Immediately address your visitors' queries using a customized chatbot tailored to your website's content. Use the content from your FAQ, Knowledge Base, Blog, you name it.

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Multilingual support

Offer chatbot replies in multiple languages and ensure every customer receives an answer.

Great Support 24/7
= More Business

Keep your users happy even when you're away. Use Chatio to build a chatbot that answers their questions right away.

Faster support than the average of your competitors
Less support tickets
Happy Users
Live up time support on your website

What our users say

Small businesses worldwide turn to Chatio AI chatbot for its powerful customer engagement capabilities.  

We empower them to compete effectively, providing round-the-clock assistance and leaving a lasting impression on their audience, ultimately fostering growth and success.

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Andy Smith
Marketing director

“The Chatio platform is now integral to our offering. Its adaptability has empowered us to boost leads by 37% while significantly decreasing our service costs.”

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Bill Schumer
Founder of GrowthPath

"We are so much more productive now that we don't have to answer the same questions over and over"

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Lily Woods
Customer Support Manager

"The chatbot has even closed some sales for us. Amazing!"

What Our Clients Say - Startech X Webflow Template
Andy Smith
Ecommerce Manager

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur amet adipiscing elit, We have saved tons of hours!"

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Will Miller
Customer Service Manager

"In less than 5 months, we've decreased our average response time from 47 minutes to 2 minutes. That's a 96% reduction!"

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Joice Munro
Customer Success Operations Manager at The Coffee Masters

"I'm really glad I found Chatio. I was spending most of my time answering support inquiries. Not anymore".

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Matt Cannon

"I don't need a big customer service team anymore".

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Joe Maguire
Software Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a unique question? Can't find the answer? Contact us, and our support team will respond in a flash!

What is Chatio?

Chatio is an AI chatbot designed for small businesses. Built on OpenAI's technology (the same ChatGPT uses),it can answer 80% of customer support questions automatically.

Users can easily set it up on their website without coding. The chatbot uses the website's content, like FAQs, to provide accurate answers. It also supports multiple languages, ensuring customers from different regions get the right information.

In essence, Chatio helps businesses provide instant and relevant responses to their visitors.

Does Chatio offer a free plan?

Chatio doesn't offer a free plan, but you can see a full demo of the platform at

Can I build a chatbot using my website's content?

Absolutely! You can indeed build a chatbot using the content from your website.

On how many websites can I embed my chatbot?

You can embed your chatbot on as many websites as you want.

Can I view the conversations or interactions that users are having with my chatbots?

Absolutely! You can see all the conversations and interactions your chatbots have with users. You have access to the full chat history.

In the future, we'll even help you by automatically giving you useful information from these chats. This might include things like the most common questions people ask or questions the chatbot had trouble with. We'll make it easy for you!

Do you store the chatbot messages?

Yes, of course! We keep a record of all the questions asked by your website's visitors and the answers given by the chatbot.

You can easily see this conversation history in your dashboard. For instance, if you've used Chatio to create your chatbot, you can review the chats users are having with it right from the dashboard.

It's important to know that we only keep track of the questions and chatbot responses – we don't hold onto any other information from your visitors. All conversations are kept for a maximum of 30 days from the last activity. After 30 days of inactivity the conversation is deleted from our database. You do always have the option of downloading each conversation your chatbot has had with users of your site.

Can I customize the chatbot?

Yes, you have the power to transform your chatbot's look and feel.

From the colors to the chatbot's name, and even the helpful suggestions it provides - everything is yours to customize. Your chatbot, your style! 🎨💬

Can I upload multiple files to one chatbot?

Yes! Depending on your plan (it works on Pro and Premium plans), you can upload various file types like CSV, TXT, PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and MD to train your chatbot. The specific upload limits vary according to your chosen plan.

What type of content can I use to train the chatbot?

You can uset the content of your websit (home page, help desk, FAQ page, etc) and any file that you might have,

Where is my data stored?

We host the data on a secure AWS server.

How long does it take to train my AI chatbot?

The time it takes depends on how many pages you're training.

But fear not, we're talking just a few minutes here.

So, you'll be up and running in no time! ⏱️🚀

Does the chatbot function on websites that use languages other than English?

Yes! Your website can be in any language, not just English. The chatbot can answer in many languages too. Just ask in any language, and the chatbot will reply. *Important: only Pro and Premium plan offer multilanguage feature.

What are the pricing plans of Chatio AI chatbot?

Ah, the magic question! 🎩✨

Chatio's got a range of enchanting pricing plans designed to suit your needs.

But instead of giving you all the details here, take a loot at our Chatbot pricing page.

There, you'll find all the spellbinding options laid out just for you. Trust us, it's worth the visit! 🚀💰✨

Start Using The CRM Platform Of The Future - Startech X Webflow Template
Start Using The CRM Platform Of The Future - Startech X Webflow Template

Handle more support tickets without hiring more people.

Start today and ensure your chatbot operates continuously for your business around the clock.

Built for Online businesses

No matter your size, from solopreneurs to customer service and marketing teams, we've got a price that fits. 😉

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Small business owners

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Customer Service teams

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